Why It's So Difficult to Just Eat Healthy!

woman driving crazy.jpg

Are you driving yourself crazy on a daily basis trying to eat healthy?

You know exactly what you should (and shouldn't) be eating - you could probably write a book on the topic! 

Yet you find yourself giving in to those "not so healthy" foods over and over again.

You think to yourself, "It shouldn't be so difficult!"

So why does it seem impossible to just eat healthy?

Here's the thing... if it were only up to your conscious mind, you'd be eating exactly how you want to. 

But it's not. 

It's estimated that 95% of the actions you take actually come from yoursubconscious mind (shocking, I know!). 

What does that mean?

It means that no matter how solid your plan to eat healthy is, or how strong your intention to stay away from the snack drawer... if your conscious mind isn't on board, your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts 95% of the time!!

So the good news is, you're not crazy. 

And the great news is, you can actually do something about it!

Once you shift your subconscious mind to be in alignment with your goals, it becomes easy and effortless to eat healthy!

I know this because I've done it! After a 20-year-long battle with food (and my subconscious mind), I now have a healthy, empowered, and loving relationship with food and my body. 

And I've helped hundreds of women break free from self-sabotage so they can finally have one, too!

If you're tired of fighting yourself (and your subconscious mind), let me help! Click here and let's talk. I'll show you exactly how you can finally end the struggle and have a healthy, easy relationship with food.