Transformation is an inside job. To find peace and balance with food, you’ve got to create peace and balance within yourself.

If the answer to healthy living was in a juice cleanse, a sugar detox, or a vow to start on Monday, you’d be out on a 10-mile hike with purified water and a spirulina smoothie right now. But I know better than anyone that changing your diet without changing your lifestyle is merely a superficial, short-term fix. For real and lasting results, we’ve got to get to the root.

I help men and women create an empowered relationship with food. My methodology is focused on getting you to a point where everything shifts—where making healthy choices comes easily and naturally to you.

As my private client, you will have my full support to achieve your goals and create lasting results. You will:

  • Make healthy choices with ease – no more struggling and fighting with yourself
  • Feel strong, sexy, and confident in your body
  • Have enough energy to do the things you love – whether that’s traveling the world, going for a hike, or playing with your kids
  • Release weight in a healthy way and keep it off naturally

I’ve helped hundreds of clients including engineers, therapists, CEOs, and busy moms find health, ease, and freedom with food in a way they never imagined. I provide a 30-minute consultation to anyone who wants to explore working together.

I provide customized coaching to fit your needs.

Private Coaching — One-on-one coaching for customized solutions, deep integration, and lasting results. Includes 2 hour-long sessions/month via phone or Skype, customized recipes, and unlimited e-mail support.