I’ve learned how to eat in a way that satisfies my palate and fuels my body. I’ve gained the tools to successfully release my emotional triggers. I am free from the old emotions and behaviors that held me back and kept me from becoming my healthiest self. I feel better in my body than I have my whole entire life. My relationship with food is completely transformed. My relationship with myself is completely transformed. The whole process has taught me about much more than just losing weight – it’s touched every aspect of my life, from relationships to money, to career.

Since working with Kristen, I have lost 3 dress sizes, I feel confident and comfortable in my body, I feel lighter of spirit, I have more energy and strength, I no longer feel like food is a struggle. I understand what my body needs and have learned how to make decisions that serve me best.

After a life-long battle with self-esteem, my weight, and my relationship with food, I now have a tremendous sense of freedom and empowerment. Kristen has encouraged me and taught me skills to get me out of my comfort zone, to go for what I want, and to live fully."

~ Julie Hughes, San Carlos, CA

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"In December 2014, I could hardly look in the mirror without feeling an instant reaction of shame for how poorly I had treated my body. I was overweight, unhappy, and searching for a solution to once and for all come to peace with the woman I knew was somewhere under the wall of fat.

I had tried every diet and worked with many specialists - but nothing seemed to help me understand why I couldn't stick to a food plan or even look directly into my own eyes and tell myself I love you.

With Kristen, I began to see that my eating habits had little to do with what I was actually eating and were tied to beliefs I had chosen to carry through my life until this point.

I became confident in my body and released 40 pounds of 'emotional weight.' I’m so proud to talk about it and not feel the burden of it. When I had the weight, I didn’t want to let people in. For the first time I’m allowing that love in. And I can finally look at the strong, confident, beautiful woman in the mirror and say, 'I love you.'"

~Stephanie S., San Carlos, CA

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"I always had issues with being able to let go of hurts from my childhood. After taking the first step and contacting Kristen, I decided to go ahead and see if maybe this time could be different. All I can say is that I am a new person since I have been working with Kristen. I feel like I have been given a whole new beginning in life! 

I have learned so many new and exciting things about myself and for the very first time I am able to let go of past hurts that had been ruling my life. 

I no longer feel resentment from the past. I see everything in a new light now and it just feels so good. I just feel this freedom and lightness to my being. I can find laughter and peace and a different kind of closeness with others, and with myself, that I have not felt before. 

I cannot say enough good things about this process with Kristen. It is amazing and the connection I have found with her is the best investment I have ever made for myself. If you are on the fence I say go for it and do this. I feel like a whole new me and I like who I am. 

This is the best thing I have ever done."

~Marlene W., Napa, CA

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“Dear Kristen: When I met you for a session about 3 months ago, my body was 42 years old and carrying the 50 extra pounds that I gained 12 years ago when I was pregnant. I did not like myself or my body very much, I felt old and I sure did not feel pretty. I felt sad looking myself in the mirror and tried not to think about it too much. Over the years, I have tried different diets and cleanses looking for the right solution to “my problem.” Little did I know that you had the key to the door that would shift my life.

During our session, you walked me through exercises to show me what was really going on underneath all the fixing and surviving of being me. For the first time in my life, I was at the source of not being able to accept myself. I felt safe and loved, and I knew that you were there for me, that I could trust you, that you were a stand for me, and that you would not leave me in the middle of everything, alone. My first session with you was a transformative experience and gave me a “new life.”

Working with you, I have made health my number one priority. I have made myself my number one priority in my life. And, the biggest thing of all is that I finally accept myself and love myself, and I’m actually excited about life, which is an awesome experience.

Thanks to you I am finally allowing my body to heal. You have an amazing talent, and I am so happy and grateful that you came to my life. I do not know how to thank you, Kristen. Thank you!”

~Niina H, San Francisco, CA


Before working with Kristen, I always found myself grudgingly pointing out my problem areas in the mirror each morning after showering. I didn’t feel confident in my body. I was convincing myself that I was at my true weight since my weight hasn’t shifted for years. I wasn’t as happy as I thought.

Once I started working with Kristen, I learned about healthier eating habits and new forms of exercise that make me feel good. I feel more confident and am still watching my body transform. Emotionally, I feel happier and much more confident.

I feel that I am showing everyone my true, beautiful self. I am a better version of myself now and I know each day from now until the end I am worth everything.

My goal when starting the program was ‘I am happy, confident, strong, beautiful, and proud of myself.’ And I feel that I have embraced this goal and am living it fully.”

~Kristie Edwards, San Francisco, CA

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“I always struggled with a healthy body image and even teetered on the edge of an eating disorder well into my 30’s. I prided myself on ‘eating like a bird’ and looking great.

Getting pregnant changed all of that. I had to eat to fuel my body and while it was painful gaining the extra weight, I knew it was for a good reason. Unfortunately, feeling terrible about the way my body looked continued to grow as my body did.

Fast forward 5 years and two babies later: I was 10 lbs over my ideal weight and I was filled with shame for no longer fitting into my size 4’s. Some days it was hard to look at myself in the mirror and my relationship with my husband was growing distant.

I used sugar to anesthetize myself with a pound of peanut M&M’s in a single sitting, several times a week.

It has been a long journey to where I am now standing. With Kristen’s help, I was able to stop the cycle of restricting and binging. She helped me pause long enough to really see what was going on inside of me.

I lost those last 10 lbs and am down 2 pants sizes. And while fitting into my skinny jeans feels damn good, it is the internal transformation I underwent that makes my heart really shine. I feel comfortable in my own skin and grateful for the love I feel for my new mommy body!

Changing my relationship with sugar has deeply impacted my life. I feel better than I have in years and have much more confidence in myself. Where I once felt shame and fear of being seen and was turning to M&M’s as the source of ‘sweetness’ in my life, I am now enjoying my life, have more energy for my kids, and the hubs and I are back to sleeping in the same bed! Life is good!

Thank you Kristen for being my anchor, for lovingly and non judgmentally holding my hand, and for being the rock I needed to interrupt my self-defeating patterns and negative body hang ups! You are a true gem and I am so grateful for all you have given me.”

~Jenn Tasnim Savage, Lake Oswego, OR


Before I began working with Kristen, I was a serial dieter. I’d try a diet – some from books, others from expensive programs – I’d lose some weight, then when the diet was over, I’d gain it back every time.

And I could never get myself to go back on a diet I’d already tried, because I couldn’t psych myself up for whatever deprivation that diet entailed. So I’d search out the next diet, in an effort to trick myself into losing more weight.

Nothing was working, none of the weight loss was permanent, and no real changes were being made to my relationship with food and my body.

Working with Kristen has broken through this cycle of frustration and disappointment.

I just love the new way of eating Kristen has taught me – it feels so right. I’m enjoying the food, I have no cravings for dessert (other than the options in her cookbook, which I love), and I don’t feel in the least bit deprived. This approach has forever changed how I look at recipes, menu items, takeout food, and processed foods.

I’ve made a profound shift inside and out, without dieting or deprivation.

I feel more balanced in life because of the better balance in my body, and I notice that my emotional eating has been short-circuited completely! When stressed about work, I’ve sometimes found myself staring into the refrigerator. But I’ve been able to ask myself a simple question and if the answer’s no, it’s been easy to close the refrigerator and come back later. Yayyyy!

Recently, my ballroom dancing instructor asked me if I’d lost some weight. He was right – I’ve lost one dress size so far, and I know that I’m effortlessly on track to lose the next dress size. But the best part about that conversation was my response. In the past, I would have said, ‘Yes, I’ve been on a diet.’ Instead, I said, ‘Yes, I’ve changed my way of eating.’

Thank you, Kristen, for being an amazing coach! I feel transformed.”

~Morgen Drasnin, Westlake Village, CA


“Working with Kristen is a real joy. She is positive and action-oriented, all the while listening carefully and getting to what’s below the surface.

When I first started working with Kristen, I was at a low point. Because of a knee injury, I had been sedentary and was eating poorly. As a result I felt fatigued, depressed, and uncomfortable in my body.

My poor relationship with food was affecting all areas of my life, not just my health and my energy, but my business, my spiritual connection, and even my relationships – I had disengaged from my social network and become isolated.

With Kristen’s help I took the first step – shopping at a new health food store in my community and preparing healthy, nourishing meals ahead of time for work days. I also set goals outside of food and eating, like reconnecting with friends and taking steps forward in my business. I joined a tennis league, launched a new product for my business, and with very little effort lost the extra weight without going on a “diet.”

The food piece was part of it but there was so much more there for me. I hadn’t had anybody; I’d been out there on my own.

Working with Kristen helped me moved forward. I’m a very motivated person, but I’d get stuck. Being able to talk to someone was pivotal. She guided me, encouraged me, held space for me during difficult times, and always believed in me.

We did a lot of deep healing work together, getting to the core of what was really going on. She wasn’t afraid to challenge me, and I never once felt like she wasn’t behind me. I felt her support every step of the way. Working with Kristen, I felt I was truly seen.

Because of our work together, so many things have opened up in my life. I was able to attend my cousin’s wedding in a fabulous new dress, feeling confident and happy again! I have more freedom, more adventure in my life, and I also reached new heights in my business, my relationship, and my social life!”

~Amy Carbone, Denver, CO


“Kristen is a warm, compassionate, and supportive coach. She provides doable easy to follow steps, and includes delicious recipes in a judgment-free zone. Kristen’s system got me off sugar in my coffee, something I never imagined would happen!

This is not a diet, it’s creating a lifestyle that has you feeling fabulous!

~Jen Duchene, Burlingame, CA


“I was already eating a very healthy diet when I started working with Kristen – but sugar was my last vice.

Committing to the Sweet Success program was easy – and just the boost I needed. Sugar is not even on my radar anymore! Even when I’m around something that I used to love, there is no pull at all. It is so liberating!

I’ve found new ways to bring sweetness into my life and have had so much fun playing around with new flavors in the kitchen. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of delicious foods.

Kristen is made for this work. She has a deep understanding of the physiological AND the emotional roots of the cravings, and combining the two is a sure ticket for success.

And of course, her sweet presence makes it so easy to take her hand and let her lead you into greener and sweeter pastures.”

~Pernilla Lillarose, Felton, CA