“My wife and I now have the ability and freedom to ask for what we want. It’s surprisingly easy now to go really deep in conversations. I go way deeper than I used to, whereas in the past I would always put on the brakes.

“We’re now able to uncover why we trigger each other, understand what our true needs are, to vulnerably share, ‘here’s what I’m really afraid of’ or to share, ‘here’s what I really need from you.’

“Before, we were operating in a highly-functional co-parenting capacity, and ignoring the emotional turmoil underneath in order to be functional. And that wasn’t gonna cut it long-term in a marriage.

“We would have a fight and then not really address it. And now, we’ll just dig in to find out what’s really going on. If you have a fight and just avoid it, probably nothing will change. We now have a deeper connection, more intimacy and understanding, and a lot more respect for each other, and more trust. In having these deeper conversations, I see even more how she’s really amazing.

“My entire clientele changed too, where now I’m working with a new level of leaders that I really respect. I went from wanting to work with all these guys to actually doing it.”

- D.L.


“My ex was blown away by how different I felt to her. She said I felt lighter and brighter. She remarked on it a number of times. It felt really good. In the past, there was so much tension. It was such a relief to spend time with her and not feel as conflicted and protective of myself as in the past and be able to go to a party with her and enjoy it.

“Things are the sweetest they’ve ever been between us. I feel more forgiving of her, I have fewer expectations or need for her to meet me in a certain way. She understands me more, she has more space for me in my process now that I’ve released so much anger.

“I was able to complete with my last girlfriend and feel really complete. It was a healthy relationship - and that’s the first time I can say that ever.”

- G.C.


“Today is the best day of my life! I have such a new relationship to my world and being present. There’s an absence of needing to apologize for anything. I’m having different conversations with people. Now people are listening and want to hear what I want to say right now. My boundaries are much clearer and stronger. I haven’t allowed anyone to draw me into a verbal conflict. I can say it with conviction. I’m calm, I fit into the world well.

“I’m pretty much happy all the time now. I don’t get rattled too much.

“My energy level has improved dramatically – I’m able to work a lot now. My income is WAY up, I have more billable hours and increased my rates x3 – that paid for my program right there!”

- C.U.


“My wife was always saying she wanted more time. I felt this strong defensiveness, I would just freeze up. I felt judgment and resentment.

“Now, I feel confident in these situations. I know that it’s okay to feel triggered and I don’t have to feel ashamed about freezing up. I know that I can say things that are hard in gentle way. I feel a sense of calm and self-acceptance.

“I feel warm, loved, and supported, understood, like I’m helping my family. I feel brave, I can handle more, I feel more grounded.

“I know that I’m not alone, I know that I matter.”

- E.L.


“In the past, I’d have fights with lovers. After the initial anger, I try to make it right. Then it would happen again, over and over. I’m a knight in shining armor until I’m Darth Vader. It was like I had a parasite in me. With your coaching, I have actually had a paradigm shift with my rage. I felt the tension leave my body.

“I’m not that reactionary person anymore. If I’m not going off on people, my mood is smoothed out, and my stress levels are way down. I no longer feel been betrayed by women. I now have compassion for others and patience with their learning curves.

“Now, with women, I’m being more slow, methodical, and patient. I feel confident and full of life. I truly do have a new set of practices. Women are paying attention to me in a different way.”

- B.U.